#GTAV this is how I get to the convience store haha add me on 360! —> ItsDLamar

Omg I can’t believe I’m actually writing music again!! It’s been SOO long but this app has rejuvenated my artistry! New song I just wrote coming soon!

Ok DON’T JUDGE ME! Lol just trying out this app and I love this song @imericacampbell “Help” haha thanks @officialstacyfrancis!!

Had an awesome week in LA I will be back! Back in Cleveland for 2 days then off to PHX!

@tonyatko was too much fun this morning haha what an awesome way to end my vacation (at The Grove)

Breakfast with @TonyaTKO this morning At The Crepe Company (at The French Crepe Company)

Amazing food with some awesome people! Best vacation ever in LA I’m moving here 👍👍🙌 Jam session gave me LIFE! (at Barrio Fiesta)

This was the CRAZIEST roller coaster I have EVER been on #x2 #SixFlags #MagicMountain #Epic 🙌🎢 w/@davejlamar (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)

The guy asked of we wanted to take a picture when we walked into #SixFlags I said SURE and snapped a selfie! Lol! W/@davejlamar (at Six Flags Magic Mountain)

The grove doing some shopping with @chestergregory @douglashickmanjr and @ryanglen 👍 (at The Grove)